Jacob and chicken


Senika pumpkin

Cody and choco. icecream

Maria with a coney

Hello there.  My name is Kristie.  I am a family motivated and self taught cook/baker for my modern day Brady Brunch.  I am the mother of six children between his, mine and ours!

I was married the first time at the young age of 19 to my best friend, Craig.  Craig and I, shared a passion for cooking and baking.  It was hard to believe but we actually argued over who was going to cook dinner!  We even had a game we would play that we laughingly called, “Name that Spice”.  Over eleven years of marriage, we were blessed abundantly with four beautiful children.  Unfortunately, our union ended ten years ago when he was called home to meet his maker at the hands of a drunk driver.  At the time of his death, our children were 10, 7, 2 and 10 months old.  Things were hard to say the least.

I spent the next five years widowed, working in the medical field, and running my own lawn care business to make ends meet.  I would wake up extremely early to do any sort of baking for the kids.   Suppers were usually easy, simple and served late in the evening due to my crazy work schedule.  That was the first business that I was able to work side by side with one of my children since I was forced to employ my eldest son.

Shortly after losing my husband, I began noticing seizures in my youngest child at the tender age of 2.  Maria had multiple types of Epilepsy that would literally steal her breath away causing her to be placed on life support four times to control them.  Life was overwhelming!  Thanks be to God, and the multitude of people praying for her, Maria has now been seizure free for nine months.  Maria has some residual daily challenges from her Epilepsy that she is working to overcome but with God and her guardian angel by her side she will overcome them!  Maria IS my motivation, as are all of my children.

I met my current husband Rick, five years ago now.   He was a 35 year old bachelor with a beautiful little daughter.  His daughter also happens to be the same age as my Maria.  Rick came equipped with more energy then I could fathom and a desire to help out wherever he could!  He was a God sent!  I thought he was crazy for chasing a stressed out widowed mother of four!  I am not sure he was in the market for that exact description but that is what he got!  As it turns out, Rick does not like to cook but he does like to eat!  He fell in love with my cooking, my kids and my tenacity.  The rest is history!

I have learned throughout life that every moment matters and we need to share as much time as possible with our loved ones.  We never know when one of us will walk out the door, never to return again.  Therefore, I spend as much time as possible with my children, spouse, family members and friends that also desire to build healthy lasting relationships.  That usually happens over the one thing that brings us all together, great food and cooking!  Cooking and baking is my way of expressing my love for those around me since we ALL like to eat!

The kids and I are looking forward to a very blessed new year in a business that unites our love of food and our family as we start our very own concessions business.  I hope to see those of you who are local this spring, summer and fall at the festivals.  We will be in the bright yellow “weenie wagon”!  For the rest of you, I hope you will enjoy our crazy pictures, great recipes and funny stories.  May you be Blessed and Highly Flavored in the New Year to come!


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