bacon cheeseburger reheated

bacon cheeseburger 4

Do I have your attention yet???  I thought so!  I worked in a restaurant/ice cream parlor when I was a teen and young adult.  It was one of those fun ice cream joints that all the local school sports teams came to so I got to see my friends while working.   We had a simple menu that consisted of mostly fried and grilled foods.  Of course, we also had about any ice cream sundae you could think of involving soft serve.  Come to think of it, it was actually that job that led me to meet my first husband and father of my oldest four children.  It was a great first job involving little adult supervision and ALL the ice cream I could eat! Not really, but what the owner didn’t know, didn’t hurt her!  Ha!  That job was NOT good for my girlish figure.  I think I gained about 20 pounds even while actively involved in sports.  I could not resist the temptation of tasting EVERYTHING in an effort to come up with my own new ice cream sundae flavor or a new burger that would steal the show!  Twenty years later, I guess some things never change.

Now that I have the joy of experimenting in my own kitchen and on my own little research group I think I have gained even more weight!  Why did I pick a food blog about comfort food anyways?  Ha ha!  Well, I think this burger makes it all worth while.  The kids love it and have approved of this burger with two thumbs up.  I also used this basic burger recipe at the sportsman’s club I belong to and the guys raved about it!  I was not a member yet when I cooked these burgers for them.  After eating these burgers, they voted me in unanimously insisting that I should continue my volunteer work in the kitchen!  I think I am going to regret that.

bacon cheeseburger 1

I believe the first part of making a great cheeseburger is starting with the right buns.  Have you ever went to the store and bought a pack of hamburger or hot dog buns and found out when you came home that they were stale, hard, dry or just lacked any sort of flavor?  That is incredibly frustrating for me!  Therefore, if I send my son or hubby to the store to pick up buns, rest assured he has already been taught that ONE MUST SQUEEZE THE BUNS at the store before purchasing them to ensure that they are not stale and hard!  You may want to make sure you do not get carried away with this out in public though!  People may think you are strange!  If you see some guy at the store in the bread aisle, squeezing the buns you now know where he came from!  Ha ha!

If I am going to make a mean burger, I like Aunt Millie’s Onion buns because I know I am getting a quality product that won’t disappoint!  I butter the inside of both of these buns while heating them in a frying pan on low medium heat just until they are golden brown.

bacon cheese 3

In the meanwhile, I get the bacon frying while the burgers are cooking as well.  I cook the burgers in a shallow frying pan on medium heat.  Once they are done, I put them on a foil wrapped cookie sheet and keep them in the oven on a warm setting.  While the burgers are being cooked, I shake Worcestershire sauce all over the burgers.  I also flatten them out so they get cooked thoroughly and are as wide as the bun.  No one likes a big bite of bun with no burger, right?

bacon chesse 2

I wait until all my bacon and burgers are cooked before adding the cheese to the burgers.  When I am ready to plate the burger is when I add the cheese and let it melt in the oven.  I do not want the cheese to melt right off the burgers from being in the oven too long.

bacon cheeseburger 4


2 lb. of 80/20 ground hamburger

1 T. garlic salt

2 t. garlic powder

2 t. black pepper

2 egg

1 bottle of French’s Worcestershire sauce

1 lb. of bacon (thick sliced works best)

6 slices of American cheese

6 T. butter

1 package Aunt Millie’s Onion buns

Your favorite toppings- tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet onion, etc.

*This recipe makes 6 burgers if you measure out 3 (5.3 ounce) burgers per pound of beef.


Make sure the hamburger is completely thawed before adding the seasonings and eggs.  The Worcestershire sauce gets added when the burgers are cooking, not in the meat mix.  Be generous with the Worcestershire sauce.  The burgers should be cooked slowly over medium heat.  The bacon needs to be cooked at the same time in a separate pan so the burgers are not drowning in grease.  When the burgers and bacon are done they can be placed on a foil wrapped cookie sheet and placed in the oven on warm while the buns are buttered and browned.  While the buns are browning is when you add the cheese to the burgers and return them to the oven.  As the buns are browning, the cheese is melting.  Feel free to top this burger with ALL of your favorite garnishes!  I hope you like it!

bacon cheeseburger reheated



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