What over worked, under appreciated, sleep deprived adult does not like coffee?   Who loves paying four dollars or more for a caramel frappe at the big restaurant chains or worse yet at the coffee shops?  Not me!  If I can make it at home and save my money, I am overly enthused!  Besides, if you have a high speed blender this is the perfect opportunity to play! YES!  Bahaha! My seventeen year old son loves to play with the “Ninja” mixer (not sure where he gets that from, ha ha) and experiment with different coffee flavors.  That kept us both preoccupied this summer. We already had a regular ice factory going on here due to how much home made ice cream we were making so why not try some blended iced coffee? Besides, I have a sick obsession with caramel and it gave me yet another reason to use it!  I am in my “happy place” anytime I am consuming, cooking or even thinking of future ways to consume that heavenly smooth, sticky, sweet sauce!  It just makes the coffee go down that much easier and faster!

This last Christmas, I made a ton of homemade candy for gifts including Pecan Caramel Turtle candies.  They were phenomenal!  You can find this wonderful turtle recipe under my Pinterest board labeled “candy” or you can access it through this web page at,  The recipe for the turtles gives you the option of making your own homemade caramel  which is what I would suggest.  Homemade caramel is AMAZING!  There is not one thing I would do to change or alter that caramel recipe.  It is fantastic!  Kudos to Kara!  That caramel recipe and the pecan turtle recipe is a keeper for sure.  Okay, I am in my happy place now.  Sorry, I need to stay focused before I go make more caramel.  Alright, getting back to what I was saying.  If you make homemade caramel for iced coffee, turtles, homemade caramel ice cream, etc. do yourself a favor and make extra!  I always double the recipe. You can store it on the counter or in your pantry in a closed mason jar until you decide to make iced coffee, homemade ice cream, apples for dipping, etc.  Whatever your fancy, if you make extra you will always have the best caramel on hand.  I just bought Granny Smith apples last week to cut up to dip in my caramel sauce.  Wouldn’t you know the kids were on to me!  I at least got one apple before the kids ate them ALL!  Well here is the recipe for some amazing caramel frappes!  Java on!


2 c. ice cubes

1 c. cold coffee

2 T. caramel (homemade or store bought syrup)

2 T. heavy whipping cream

2 sweetener packets or sugar to taste (I use Stevia)

1 can of whipped cream for garnish

Caramel Syrup to garnish the top

*You can also add chocolate syrup if you have it both in the coffee and for garnish! Yum!


Put the 5 ingredients in a high speed blender and crush the ice.  If you are using homemade caramel you may want to heat it up with the coffee to dissolve the caramel so it does not clump up when it hits the ice and cold cream.  However, let the coffee and caramel cool before adding it to the ice.  Blend it up good and pour into a nice glass or jar and top it off with the whipped cream and drizzle the caramel over the top.  I hope you enjoy this recipe and don’t drink too many!

Please let me know how I am doing and leave a comment!