As some of you may already know, I have an OBSESSION with caramel!  Caramel dip, caramel frappe, caramel coffee, caramel coffee creamer, caramel candy like Twix or Werther’s,  caramel ice cream….you name, I LOVE it!  Since, I am almost over the hill (or rather aged like a fine wine), I figure if I am going to indulge in something as heavenly as caramel, I should probably counter it with something healthy!  For those of you that can eat Granny Smith apples without caramel my hat is off to you. but for those of you that think that is just not right, this recipe is for you!

As I was making Pecan Caramel Turtles for Christmas this past year, I stumbled across an AMAZING home made caramel recipe that is so easy to make.  It takes less energy than packing up the kids, warming up the car, stopping at the gas station in the blistery cold because your hubby left you on E, the kids smacking each other all the way to the store because you are preoccupied DRIVING and then dealing with insane shoppers just to get prepackaged caramel!  Okay, enough of my life!  I am just saying, save yourself some added stress and fire up the stove!  It will only take minutes and you will be glad you did!  The recipe I fell in love with belongs to a woman named Kara.  I will give you her link here so you can access her recipe.  I would alter it or make it better but I figure WHY mess with a good thing?  This recipe is a keeper and I promise you will not be disappointed!  So break out the apples and enjoy your own home made caramel with a little less guilt this weekend!  Scroll to the bottom for her recipe and follow the instructions.  Enjoy!

Please let me know how I am doing and leave a comment!