WARNING: This heavenly sweet minty flavored ice cream with mint Oreo’s can cause a serious ice cream ADDICTION! Proceed with caution!

Oh my, my!  I am in LOVE!  Sweet, crunchy, and amazingly satisfying, you will think you had died and gone to heaven with this ice cream flavor!  Do they have ice cream in heaven?  I certainly hope so!  With a weekend blizzard coming (if you live in lower Michigan) what else are you going to do this weekend?  Why not make your own ice cream?  I know I will be devouring my favorite ice cream while hiding under a big fluffy blanket watching movies with the kids (more like keeping them from beating the tar out of each other and going stir crazy, you parents of large families know exactly what I am talking about)!

This ice cream was inspired by my unending love for two famous ice cream flavors, mint chip and cookies and cream.   I thought, why not combine the two?  Well it works!  Anytime, I am eating this sweet creamy, frozen treat packed with large, crunchy, mint stuffed Oreo pieces, I am in my “happy place”!  I can tune the kids out and imagine for a minute that this heavenly bliss might last long enough to have a second serving!  Yeah right!  This ice cream is reason enough to own your own ice cream mixer!


3 – 4 c. milk (2%)

5 c. heavy whipping cream

3 c. sugar

1.5 t. mint extract

1/2 t. pure vanilla extract

1/2 t. Kosher salt

Wilton green food coloring, if desired

1 large family size package of mint Oreo’s

1 box of Morton ice cream salt


Mix the cream, milk and sugar together with a whisk until the sugar is dissolved or at least appears to be.  Add the mint, vanilla, salt, and food coloring and stir again.  Pour the cream mixture into the ice cream blender and place in the bucket.  After applying the lid, fill the bucket half way with ice.  Pour one third of the box of salt on top of the ice.  Continue to fill the bucket until it is full with ice and top again with another 1/3 of the box of ice cream salt.  Plug the ice cream machine in and allow it to spin until it stops.  It should take somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes of turning to complete.  When the machine stops it is finished.  While the ice cream is turning, pour the Oreo’s into a one gallon resealable bag and break them with a rolling pin.  You can also break them by hand for larger chunks.  Wait until the ice cream is done spinning to add the Oreo’s or the ice cream will keep it’s color and the cookies will get crushed into tiny pieces.  Freeze overnight for thicker ice cream or eat immediately.


Please let me know how I am doing and leave a comment!