Decadent Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream

strawberry cheesecake icecream finished

I remember when I was a young child, my parents had a 
strawberry patch behind our house where the most amazing 
strawberries would grow throughout the summer.  I remember,
my mother would tell stories of looking for me and finding 
me out in the strawberry patch, still in a diaper, with my 
hands and face just covered with the sweet red juicy nectar!    
I also recall, spending many of my summer days, scarfing 
down those wonderful berries before my mother got a chance 
to use them for any of her jams or deserts.  That probably 
explains why my sisters, mother and I spent hours in the 
blistering heat picking strawberries at the nearest strawberry 
farm.  Lord knows, they should have weighed me upon entering 
and exiting the farm because whatever my mother paid, I assure 
you did not include my belly full of berries. Putting me on a 
farm full of those heavenly fruits and expecting me NOT to 
over indulge was not only unreasonable but was WAY too much 
temptation for any strawberry loving child to bear!  That 
probably explains why strawberry ice cream has always 
been one of my all time favorite flavors.  The sweet flavor
of the juicy berries combined with the cold rich cream is the 
perfect marriage, that combined is purely addictive! Of course,
everyone knows that adding cheese to any recipes just makes it 
so much better.  In this case, the cream cheese adds a richer 
creamier taste.  The cheese is not over powering even when 
using Philadelphia cream cheese.  In fact, it is subtle
in its flavor.  When the cheese is added to the strawberry 
cream it just creates a denser, richer, creamier texture 
to the strawberry cream that is intensely satisfying!  This is 
a must save and pass on recipe!  I hope you enjoy it as much 
as we have.  


3-8 ounce packages of Philadelphia Cream cheese
3 cups of sugar
5 Tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice (2 Large Lemons)
1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract
3 cups of fresh pureed strawberries
3 cups of heavy whipping cream
2 cups of Milk
1 teaspoon of Strawberry extract


Beat the cream cheese first with the sugar in a large mixing bowl.
Add all the other ingredients. Whisk them together until it is
completely mixed.  Chill in the refrigerator for an hour.  
Whisk the ingredients again before dividing the batch in half if you 
are using a 4 quart ice cream mixer.  Pour half of the mixture in the 
mixer and place the lid on top.  Fill the bucket half full of ice before
covering the ice with at least one-third of the box of ice cream salt.
Finish filling the bucket and repeat with the salt.  The ice cream 
should take about 20-40 minutes to finish spinning.  When the ice cream 
mixer has stopped is when the ice cream is finished.  This recipe makes 
8 pints total.

Please let me know how I am doing and leave a comment!